There is a long description where this word originates, but it simply comes down to “Light Arch” !

The story behind the origin of the Light Arch is related to the mining tradition of the Erzgebirge … or shall I say stories ?

My favourite is that the shape of the Erzgebirge candle arch symbolizes the entrance of the mine tunnel. And the miners of the last shift on the day before Christmas placed their lanterns on top of the entrance stone frame.

Darkness in the mines made the miners long for light and many light related decorative artwork were based on the craving for light.

The probably first Candle Arch was made from metal by a blacksmith of the mine, Johann Teller, who is said to have gorged it in Johanngeorgenstadt around 1726.

Until well into the 20th century, candle arches were mostly made of metal and showed traditionally one or two miners in full miner attire, a wood worker on one side and a lace-making lady on the other side.

Other decorations like old-style houses, forest animals and nativity scenes were used as times past, but all have the candlelight in common !

Over the years a Light Arch was integrated into the German Christmas decorations as the holiday season on that side of the world is in the darker winter months.

It is also custom to place a light arch (nowadays with electric candles !) onto the windowsill shining a light to the ones that are wandering outside in the darkness.

The Light Arch we source from Drechslerei Kuhnert in Germany are handcrafted from European Ash and spread a festive mood not only on the dining table.