Mona Lisa has her own Letter Box in the Louvre – because of all the love letters she receives.

Over the years many have fallen prey to the portrait’s ‘limpid and burning eyes’, leaving her offerings of flowers, poems and, yeeesss : numerous love notes !

Now you go rival Leonardo da Vinci and create your own Masterpiece 😊

Find your inner artist : start with one of the beautiful DIY kits we brought back from the Trade Fair.

Did you know Paint By Numbers is not just great fun, but it is also good for you?  Some of the creative benefits of painting by numbers include developing motor skills, perfecting brush strokes, and teaching patience. They are also an awesome option for a relaxing Me-Time.

And you do not have to a complete a whole Paint by Numbers project in one sitting. Leave it out on the table and complete a small section every time you need to relieve some stress or anxiety.

And yes, you can still call yourself an artist J

(It might take a while though with the mailbox at the Louvre … Leonardo painted Mona Lisa about 1510 … )