Handmade from natural materials – smell the wood and seeds!

These unique wooden boards serve on one side as a cutting board or a platter; the other side shows patiently arranged inlaid timber pieces and juniper seeds. A unique decorative item – or use as a hot plate with the Juniper seeds releasing a soft smell.

Dalia at Work

Their finished art

Jonas starts the boards

Beautiful handcrafted boards by folk artists Dalia and Jonas Ališauskas.

The hobby that became a family business.  Jonas was an art teacher and taught his students to carve. Combined with Dalia’s interest in antiques and ethnography they explored the old traditions of carving, researched old wooden objects and worked on creating copies of them.

Wide interest in their products at the famous Kaziukas Fair in Vilnius, Lithuania, led to them making more and more interesting, complex articles out of wood.

All the boards are handmade from natural materials and are environmentally friendly – smell the wood and the seeds !

Dalia and Jonas are certified creators of national heritage products, members of the Lithuanian Folk Artists’ Union.