Craftsmanship from the Erzgebirge

Every single piece of the Graupner collection is unique and has its own character – each ornament is handmade with love in the Graupner workshop in the Erzgebirge.


Princess and Frog

Christmas Fireplace

A handmade miniature consists of up to one hundred tiny wooden pieces. With brushes, tweezers, a steady hand and the necessary sense of proportion each piece is being assembled individually. All details and every face are hand painted.

The family-owned business was founded by Ronald and Kordula Graupner in 1986 and offers a wide range of ornaments made from wood, music boxes, small presents and the famous Christmas pyramids – ornamental “Carousels” powered by the heat of small tealight candles.

The wood is being sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe only and is therefore 100 % PEFC certified. Through the process of thermal drying it becomes, very solid and durable.

The Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) are located along the border of Germany with the Czech Republic.