Marionette masterpieces from the Czech Republic

Each marionette is an original piece of art.
The art of Czech marionette and puppet making dates back to the 18th century. They are traditionally handcarved from wood or moulded from plaster. They represent all kinds of characters from devils, witches and wizards to clowns, kings and princesses.

Puss in Boots

Arabian Pirate

Royal Prince

Puppetry and elements of puppet theatre probably appeared in the regions of Bohemia (part of the Czech Republic)  in medieval times as elements of religious ceremonies and folk customs.

There is evidence from the Middle Ages documenting the use of finger puppets as part of the entertainment performances of comedians at markets and fairs.

In the 17th century theatre groups travelled to the Czech regions, performing with string marionettes to augment performances by live actors.

The visual artistry of Czech puppetry was based on Baroque traditions, and puppets routinely displayed the work of folk wood-carvers specialising in Baroque religious sculpture. Now the marionettes are made by craftsmen using traditional methods and high quality raw materials.