Glass … always amazing !


Always amazing, what an artist can create ! We are re-arranging our merchandise and can offer you some of our beautiful Glass Vases for a reduced price. Always an eye-catcher

Glass … always amazing !2024-05-23T16:19:46+09:30

One Of A Kind !


This red & green sparkling Cuckoo Clock is a Designer Model - an original Cuckoo Clock with a traditional clockwork inside but a unique design on the outside. It

One Of A Kind !2024-05-15T16:54:49+09:30

Hot Bun … Chocolate … or a Sweet Pretzel ?


I like this Easter custom : Luxembourgers celebrate Bretzelsonnden, Pretzel Sunday, on the third Sunday in Lent. In Luxembourg, pretzels are actually sweet puff pastries with icing and almonds.

Hot Bun … Chocolate … or a Sweet Pretzel ?2024-03-26T13:47:19+10:30

From the Red Centre of Australia …


May we introduce two artists represented by the Mbantua Gallery of Alice Springs & Darwin.  We offer two of their paintings at our shop. NIKITA INKAMALA has been painting

From the Red Centre of Australia …2024-03-20T08:22:11+10:30

“Drink in Style” …


And add a Rainbow of Colours to your day ! Designed by Diego Cavaliere of Verona, Italy – elegant and unique water and wine bottle carriers, trendy hand gel

“Drink in Style” …2022-05-27T17:49:15+09:30



BottleLight is an ingenious idea that turns an empty bottle into a unique light for your home. A slender light stick changes an empty bottle into a garden light

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