Look who came to the shop yesterday  … no, it wasn’t the Easter Bunny …

Back to Nature though with an Earthie Koala !

A new product arrived at the shop, hand delivered as it is produced and managed and owned in South Australia : Earthie Koala, offering nature only based balms and oils for Mums, Bubs, small kids and big kids.

They asked us : “How many times have you come across a product, only to find you cannot pronounce half of the ingredients?”

Most of us have and that’s why at Earthie Koala, they believe in keeping it simple, where they only use what Earth naturally provides us with.

Each product has a detailed – and short – list of ingredients. And the list does NOT start with water …

In fact : there is no water added at all. All balms and oils are 100% certified organic, 100% certified vegan skincare products.

So instead of chocolate eggs, spoil yourself or a Mom near you with an Earthie Koala 😉

Have a merry Easter – and we are here for you all week and the long weekend; only closed on Good Friday.