Its Ozzy

A Gallery of Gifts

Wooden artisanry, marionettes, paintings, clocks and much, much, more.
Come in and see our:
  • Unique hand-crafted horses – Odenwälder Gäulschen
  • Contemporary Cuckoo Clocks, individually made in Germany’s Black Forest
  • Marionettes from the Czech Republic
  • BottleLight a fantastic way to light recycled bottles
  • Authentic Aboriginal art from Utopia Artists
  • Woodturning from local Artist Paul Segat
  • Happy people wood figurines from Björn Köhler
  • Santa Claus – a man on a mission by Bettina Franke
  • Artisan clutches made from Australian Timber by Jack Taylor
  • Handcrafted jewellery made from recycled aluminium by Monica Krexa

Come in and see what’s new!

MAXX Papyr

MAXX Factory is a German company using only natural materials for their innovative products - creative designs by the MAXX-Team turn everyday things into beautiful pieces! The


BottleLight is an ingenious idea that turns an empty bottle into a unique light for your home. A slender light stick changes an empty bottle into a

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